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The DBM serves those who are at an economic disadvantage and those who may experience food insecurity and are in need of additional food resources. The mission of the DBM is to meet the food insecurity needs of the residents of San Diego by creating a fully functioning food pantry providing those who are economically disadvantaged/challenged, and in need of food, to receive it with dignity and respect. The DBM’s vision is to increase the food distribution and partnerships, in an effort to improve the quality of life for recipients. The DBM is a client choice pantry which allows clients to choose their food items.

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Volunteers wanted

A Ministry Partner is not required to serve throughout the total coverage (9:00-12:00) on a given day unless they choose to. Maybe there could be two hour slots created. I purposely did not provide a number of MPs needed. Listed below are the ministry partner opportunities here in the DBM for your review and selection:

• DBM Assistant Coordinators oversees the operations of the food pantry, including but not limited to supervising and coordinating of all Ministry Partners, obtaining and restocking of food pantry items, cost and quality control, coordinating food delivery pickups, monthly inventory data and reports as required.

• Service Assistants are needed toassist our clients through the food pantry using good customer service skills. This includes welcoming them, explaining how the food pantry works, answering any questions that they may have, bagging their food items and taking those items to their vehicles. 

• Stocking Assistants are needed to sort through DBM donated items and will be required to transport items from the storage areas into the shopping spaces.

• Pick-up Drivers are needed to pick up items from various vendor partners.

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