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Prayer for daughter - 16 yr old Ariel RiveraSubmitted By: Ariel Rivera
Health. Please pray for my baby girl, Ariel. She's undergoing surgery on Tuesday 12/22/15, to have a tumor/cyst removed from her ovary. She's so young and they have been worried and testing her for cancer. So far, thank you Jesus, the test have been negative. But after surgery, they will test the actual cysts and see if there's cancer present. It's a long 2 1/2 hour surgery. We ask for your prayers. Thank you so much family. Thank you so much for your prayers. Her surgery went better than they expected and the type of cysts they found are usually benign. Praise God!
Prayer for my daughter,, Ariel RiveraSubmitted By: Crystal Rivera
Healing. My daughter is 16, an avid Varsity basketball player in HS and travel ball. In June/July she suffered ACL tear and underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. She's almost 100% better from that and was aspiring to go back to basketball in hopes to play for college UC Davis, West Texas A&M, Cal Tech or UCLA. She's an "A" student and most importantly a believer. She's a good girl and I am blessed to have such a wonderful and thoughtful daughter. She was baptized with our beloved Emeritus Winters in 2004. Recently some health tests brought us some disturbing news and she is now being screened for Cancer and has to undergo another surgery where she will lose one of her organs. We've been faithful in prayer and continue to be hopeful. I keep telling her "God's Got This!" Her faith is being tried at such an early age. She continues to ask, "Why is this happening to me?" I ask for prayers for my daughter and my little family. She's my youngest of two children. Thank you Pastor and Bayviewites! Thank you so much for your prayers. The doctors were expecting the worse and when they conducted her surgery, they were shocked at the results. The surgery went well and all praised to JESUS Christ, our savior, they found NO cancer cells. My baby is cancer free. She's now recovering from two surgeries this past summer, and headed back to basketball. I told my baby God gave her a testimony and she needs to SHOUT it from the roof-tops; to share her amazing story with girls she knows. Doctors tell young girls now-a days they do not need to "get checked out," but if it had not been for a little "twinge" and some pressure in her tummy, she would have never known about the cysts. Literally, every doctor kept asking her over and over again about her symptoms and history, and thought she was lying. My baby made it through this ordeal. I thank God again, and I type. Thank you Bayview for your prayers again!